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Many youth in urban communities desires to have a successful career one day.  Their families want them to go to college but lack knowledge and financial resources.  We are here to close the GAP.

 Village of LouisvilleTrack 


Our track team has produced numerous collegiate athletes across the nation.  We have trained many state champions, top ranked athletes in the nation, division 1 athletes and even conference champions.  We are very proud of the achievement of our youth on the track and off.  

ACT & Sat Prepared

College exam prep can be very expensive. As a result, many urban youth miss out on opportunities to get the hand on help.  We are help to make sure the our youth are not edged out due to mere finances.  We schedule exam courses for our participants throughout the year.

Acaemic advising

We track the academic progress of our youth throughout the year.  Our standards are higher than those of the local school district.  Our goal is not for our youth to be eligible or to pass.  We coach and encourage them to pursue academic excellence.  By doing so, we know they will be ready to excel in college and beyond.